Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Introspective Hypnosis, is a method that combines Ericksonian hypnosis techniques, enhanced by spirituality and the dynamics of forgiveness, in order to achieve behavioral changes, as well as to receive and resolve psychosomatic answers towards relief to the patient/client.

1. I, Ewa Demianiuk commit to you, that I will utilize all of my skills with the intention to help you.  You have my assurance of my full integrity, professionalism, confidentiality, and respect.  By making a hypnosis session appointment with Ewa Demianiuk you agree to the terms listed below, even if they will not be signed by you, and you acknowledge, that services of Ewa Demianiuk are provided for your personal research and/or entertainment purposes only, with your full consent and with your full release of all liabilities. 


I understand that my session is not confirmed until I received verbal (a call) or written (via e-mail) confirmation from Ewa Demianiuk, my payment has been made and the Terms and Agreement Form has been signed and delivered to Ewa Demianiuk at least 48h before the session.


2.  I (client) am participating in hypnosis by my own choice, by my free will, and because I want to.

3.  I understand that any suggestion that is made during the hypnosis session is only part of a personal and educational motivation program, and is only informative. 

4.  I understand that my progress involves and depends on how I care for myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually before & after the session. 

By booking Ewa Demianiuk service, I (client) acknowledge, that these services are provided for my personal research and/or entertainment purposes only, with my full consent and with the release of all liabilities.

5. I (client) fully understand that Ewa Demianiuk is NOT a licensed Physician, NOR is she a licensed Psychiatrist and she CAN’T diagnose NOR treat any type of physical or mental disorders. A session with Ewa Demianiuk is not intended to be a substitute for and medical or psychological advice or treatment, which can only be given by a medical professional or a mental specialist. The content of this website and Ewa Demianiuk services are not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, or medical treatment of a qualified physician or mental healthcare provider. 

I (client) fully understand that these hypnosis sessions are solely for educational and/or emotional enrichment. I also understand that any suggestions made during any session are part of a personal motivational and educational goal and it’s only of informational character. Ewa Demianiuk DOES NOT pretend to be a licensed professional in Medicine or in any medical field and she is NOT a Mental Health specialist.


It is my (Ewa Demianiuk) wish for you to be healthy, fully empowered, and confident in directing your life. With this document, I (client) waive any claim to personal injury liability that may be the end result of any hypnosis therapy session. I also agree that Ewa Demianiuk assumes NO responsibility for the results of this therapy process, NOR does she guarantee its final outcome or effectiveness.

6.  I understand that transformation is a process and that it can take time. Hypnosis is not intended to cure any specific condition or solve crimes. I make absolutely no claims of a cure for any disease.  Individual results may vary.  Each person is unique and their success depends on your cooperation and faith in the process.

7. I am willing to be guided through relaxation, visual imagery, hypnosis, and/or stress reduction techniques. I am aware that these modalities are spiritual-based and non-medical in nature and it is my responsibility to consult my regular doctor about any changes in my condition or changes in my medication. 

8. I understand the above modalities are not substitutes for regular medical care and I have been advised to consult my regular medical doctor or healthcare practitioner for treatment of any old, new, or existing medical conditions. 

9. I understand that being hypnotized is not being asleep. During a deep hypnotic trance, you can open your eyes, speak, laugh, walk away and you may be aware of everything that happens around you. You can even open your eyes and think it is not working and are not hypnotized. But when you allow those feelings or thoughts that come to your mind to flow freely as Ewa Demianiuk speaks to you, you might relax and remember forgotten events in this life or a past life. 

10. I understand that change is my own and complete responsibility. I understand all healing is self-healing and that Ewa Demianiuk is only a facilitator in the process of helping me to solve my own problem(s). It is my responsibility to be open and honest, provide accurate feedback and be forthcoming with details and information that may help me achieve my outcomes. 

11. Video. By signing or agreeing to the terms of this document, I understand that this, as well as any future sessions, will be recorded by audio and/or video means. This is strictly for safety purposes and will also serve as a learning tool. At the end of each session, I understand I will receive a copy of any audio and/or video recordings made. The original recording will become the exclusive property of Ewa Demianiuk and Ewa Demianiuk retains the copyright of these recordings. These recordings will be held in strict confidentiality, except when the patient DOES NOT want to share the session in an anonymous way to promote the therapy methods developed by Aurelio Mejía (Introspective Hypnosis). Ewa Demianiuk will NOT be held responsible and is free of any liability due to damages caused through the unlawful use of any audio and/or video recordings made during any of her sessions if posted or published on the Internet, by the client or third parties associated with or related to the client.

Ewa will make best efforts to audio and/or video documentation of a session, but makes no guarantee regarding the quality of audio/video recordings that might be influenced by many factors beyond her control. I (client) also understand that, if for whatever reason the recording will not be made Ewa Demianiuk will not be held liable. In the unlikely event, the footage is lost or damaged or if for whatever reason session documentation will not be provided to me, I (client) understand that my session documentation is not part of the service booked.


I (client) have a right to request my session to be private or allow Ewa Demianiuk to share the session. If I (client) agree to share, I understand that audio/video documentation of my session might be published online and displayed as samples of professional work to be shown to prospective clients of Ewa Demianiuk, consistent with the highest standards of taste and judgment, and in such a manner which does not harm client’s reputation. My personal information will be omitted before sharing. Documentation of my session will be delivered to me online within 8 days. I will be e-mailed information, where the files are available for download. This e-mail would be considered a final delivery. The final delivery files will be available for download for a limited time only. I (client) am responsible to complete the download(s) within the available time. Ewa Demianiuk is not responsible to keep any documentation media after this delivery (which is 1 week after the session).

Refunds: In case I (client) decline Ewa Demianiuk service after making a booking fee, $25 will be retained to compensate processing fees.

Ewa Demianiuk reserves the right to refuse service at any time. If any important details have been reviled during the initial interview, Ewa has the right to determine that it is not a good fit to work further together. 

I (client) agree to indemnify and hold Ewa Demianiuk harmless for any loss, damage, liability, and privacy issues, infringement of copyrights arising from the use of all media/videos.

12. Travel. I understand that if I make travel arrangements to see Ewa Demianiuk, I will not hold Ewa Demianiuk responsible for any costs incurred, such as travel or hotel, in the event that the session is canceled. I strongly suggest you protect yourself with Travel Insurance. In the event of a disaster (natural or man-made), emergency, accident, or illness, sessions can be canceled on short notice. 

13. Ewa Demianiuk will not conduct a session if she is ill. In the unlikely event that something should go wrong, Ewa Demianiuk is NOT liable, if the session cannot be made for any reason, including but not limited to serious illness, accidents, uncontrollable and unforeseeable equipment failure, acts of God, and other reason. Ewa Demianiuk shall not be liable for losses due to causes beyond her control. In the unlikely event session can not be performed, her liability is limited to return of first payment, upon which, Ewa Demianiuk shall be under no further obligation to me.

14. I am of legal age and I understand that I am entering into a cooperative relationship of my own free will.  I accept that I am a willing participant in this cooperative relationship that will employ hypnotic techniques, regression, NLP, and any other appropriate modality by Ewa Demianiuk.  Therefore, I do hereby release and discharge Ewa Demianiuk from all claims of damages, copyright, demands or actions whatsoever in any manner arising from or growing out of my cooperative participation.  Any concerns or questions can be addressed by the International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy as the governing and credentialing body. 

15. I am fully responsible for my own actions and decisions. I (Ewa Demianiuk) implore you to avoid any practitioner who does not encourage you to put your own truth above all else. You should discern what is true or untrue for you. Any guidance, wisdom, perception, opinion, advice, or knowledge received from me or others, should be checked against your own truth.

16. I client understand that my session is confidential, however If there is any serious crime or a felony discussed during the session, or if I (client) mention any suicidal thoughts, Ewa Demianiuk has the right to contact authorities and share session notes/media with them if necessary.

17. I have received and read this Client Information and Agreement Form and understand what I have read. If I have any questions about those terms, I (client) know I should contact Ewa Demianiuk before scheduling the session. I certify that I am a competent adult of legal age and I assume all risks and complete responsibility in the final outcome of this therapy. I am also voluntarily signing/agreeing to this consent form with my full legal name. This waiver and acceptance of risk is effective as of today and it can’t be revoked, altered, modified, annulled or invalidated, without the prior written consent of Ewa Demianiuk. By scheduling a session with Ewa Demianiuk I (client) provide my AUTHORIZATION TO RECEIVE HYPNOSIS TREATMENT.

I, (client), by my own free will, agree to this waiver and accept all risks. I am perfectly aware that Ewa Demianiuk will be the person conducting the session(s) associated with hypnosis. By scheduling a session with Ewa Demianiuk, I agree to all the terms listed above, I understand and I have carefully read all the clauses of this document and I make the commitment to abide by all its clauses.